Make Play Live Partner Network

Since December 2011 Vision Grade has been responsible for the device adaptation of the Zenethink C71 to the Mer core.  Working with a Zenithink kernel engineer the kernel was built to support the options required by Mer and using our experience with embedded bootloaders we also worked out a method of booting from sdcard providing a solid base for the Plasma Active engineers to work on prototyping the Vivaldi tablet.

Due to the experience with devices, Plasma Active and Mer, VisionGrade have been chosen to be part of the Make Play Live Partner Network as an Integration Partner.

An integration partner is the “goto-guy” for customization and integration of technologies used in Make Play Live products. Integration partners will have experience with technologies such as Plasma Active or the Mer operating system, and are the right partner to get these products running on your device or in your environment

We will be here to assist with adaptation of Plasma Active to your device project on Tegra, Amlogic, Allwinner, TI, Samsung, Intel Atom Tablets, STB and the new sector of tablet, netbook convertibles such as the Asus Transformer. See the About page for more details.

Contact to discuss your device adaptation requirements.